Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day of Learning and Success!

My eyes are heavy. My body is weak. Yet I know when I lay down, slumber will stand firm and strong as my sworn enemy. Falling asleep has never come easy to me. As I am exploring all of the intricate curves, twist and crevasses of my brain, I seem to come across lectures, reviewing what I have learned that day, what went on yesterday, and what I want to go on tomorrow and so on. These internal conversations draw me in like a moth to a flame and as I think of wanting to fall asleep more, the further I am from actually falling asleep. It’s a vicious cycle. Luckily, staying asleep is usually a piece of cake…once I get to that point. Sometime, Advil PM is my friend. And this friend never lets me down.

Ok…that’s enough complaining for now. Today was overall another really good day. Minus the fact that I ate leftover spaghetti for breakfast, 2 corn dogs for lunch and 3 slices of pizza for dinner. Not a very nutritious day for me, but I still got a lot done. I got my house cleaned before 10. Which was pretty good considering I blogged until 1am and Jordan woke up at 6…blah! Then my sister in law Lucy came over for some pictures. Those turned out freaking awesome! I worked on some more pictures. I went to Costco. I got a learning DVD for my external flash in the mail and watched it later…not very impressive unfortunately. Got Jordan to bed…didn’t climb out of his crib once!

I then took some time to learn a couple things on my own about my camera. I love taking something by the wheel and just working it myself. I think that it is AWESOME to at least read manuals and figure out what buttons mean, but for the most part, it’s all about taking your camera out and taking a thousand pictures and taking note of different settings you used. That has really worked for me and it continues to help me improve my images. In the picture above, Jordan was so kindly helping me learn some more about my camera :-)

Then suddenly I hear sounds of distress. Poor Andrew realized that he hurt his leg pretty working out so I made an emergency run to the store for some Bengay. I hope he gets better quickly. I lathered myself up pretty good too. A part of me thinks that the only thing Bengay does is distract you from the pain by giving you that weird sensation of freezing.

Anyway, that’s 2 days in a row that I’ve blogged and wrote a journal entry! Yay for me! Peace out!



Sheri ~ The Joyful Mystic said...

Absolutely loved this blog. The first part was very poetic and well written. I kept thinking "did Kira write this or did she steel it from sme famous author?" xox

Sheri ~ The Joyful Mystic said...

I actaully meant post, not blog. Of course I love the blog. It was the first part of this post that was so poetic. xox

KandyLane Photography said...

Thank you mama!!! I had fun writing it too! HMMMM I wander where I get that from ;-)