Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Ducks from the Block (by Kira Sanoja)

I wanted to once again give a little book shout out! The Ducks from the Block is for sale!!!

PLEASE support it and buy a copy for yourself, friends, family, teacher, co-worker, etc!

I would be happy to come read it to your child's class or share it at their school's book fair!

You can find my book at www.authorhouse.com

Author Preview:"Betty and Chuck have it made hanging out in this beautiful neighborhood. Fun kids to play with, green grass to rest in, and refreshing sprinklers to cool off in. Take a walk with Betty and Chuck in this real life picture book as they explore and share our block with us."

Dream of the Attack of the killer hotdog!

Dream September 6 2010

Ok so this one totally blows my mind. Usually I have some sort of philosophical explanation for my dreams, but this one...I don't know! Please have at it if you have a clue :-)

The earliest part of the dream I can remember is standing in my kitchen talking to someone. There were others around and someone yelled that there was a mouse by my feet. I could feel it run over my foot and then my foot began to burn in pain. I picked up my foot and saw that there were these nasty blister looking welts on them and another person told me that the sores were not from the mouse. We went looking around and found the big cracked open rotten wiggling hotdog, hiding. Yes, I said hiding. We grabbed it with a kitchen towel and I begin to remember that we had put a bag of trash in the attic to keep the smell out and it must have falling out and due to the attic temperatures, its cells began to multiply and it had began to come alive! I remember thinking in my dream that I could understand evolution a little more if an old hotdog could have intelligence. [OH!!! as I am writing this, I think I have figured out why I dreamed this! I will explain at the end!!! FHEW! I thought I was totally crazy!...I guess I still am a bit :-)]. ANYWAY... My mom realized that if I were to eat this nasty, rotten, old, smelly, living hotdog, it would heal the venomous bites it had left on me. So....she prepared it for me (like a good mother would) in a bun with ketchup and mustered and I reluctantly took and bite! The taste was the most horrific taste I've ever tasted and I gagged it out of my mouth. I figured I would rather live with these bites and have to be rushed to the hospital than eat it....and that was the end!

WTH ('what the heck')!!!! So the boys have been watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. At the end of the movie, some of the food has become "superfood" that can think for its self. This is the only explanation I can come up with, but I'll take it!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dream of a New York rumble

Dream September 3rd 2010

I was walking around in New York I think, where there was a lot of big buildings. Not like Las Vegas (they were not hotels, the were tall office like buildings) I had my camera with me and I went with this person (don't remember who) up to one of the buildings were there was very artistic photography going on. Lots of models, some dressed, some painted, just kinda weird. It was almost like they were going to try me out as their photographer. As I was explaining to the boss lady what kind of equipment I had, the building began to shake. All the girls started to scream as the building began to tip. I remember thinking that there was no way of surviving a fall like that, but I calmly asked the girls if they believed in the power of prayer and they kind of looked at me like they didn't know what I was talking about so I began to pray. One of the girls cut in and began to pray with me. The building stopped shaking and tipping and Im pretty sure that was the end, or all I can remember at least....weird...