Friday, June 18, 2010


I am so darn sleepy, but I am determined to keep up with this so here we go…
My day mostly consists of editing, indulging in my facebook addiction, playing with Jordan and cleaning. Today I took some time to sit down and watch some more of a new favorite show of mine called Arrested Development. It’s pretty funny and it has really drawn me in. It was nice to kick back a bit. Most nights end with me and Andrew cuddled up watching south park or something, but hardly ever during the day
My eating habits have been insane. I really have been eating crappy and I feel it big time. My body hurts and I am way more tired. I am making an announcement to the world that I am going to HALFWAY go on my healthy diet again. Im not going to be as crazy as last time, but I seriously need to rid my body of whatever is making me feel this way. Obeying the Word of Wisdom is more important than we know. And not just in the alcohol, drugs and caffeine sense. I know from first hand that eating crappy can become an addiction. Your body begins to crave sugar and carbs when you eat a lot of it. It is a cycle that can only be broken by cutting a bunch out of your diet until you don’t need it anymore.
In the early evening, Jordan, Andrew and I went to my brother in law David’s to eat dinner and watch the Lakers game! GO LAKERS! They won…woot woot! Then I took off down to Fremont St. down town to help my friend Suzi (TSL Photography) with an engagement shoot. It’s always fun hangin out with her and some clients. I learned of a lot of cool picture places.
Got home, watched some south park with Andrew and our cousin Adrian who just came in to town, then watched a couple episodes of Arrested Development. It has been another great day. I hope to accomplish more tomorrow!


Keshia Phill said... and me BOTH sista are so on the same page with the food thang! I honestly feel like I have NO self control over my bad eating habits when I get on a bad streak. That's been my whole week. My excuse is that it's my birthday but now I feel like I can't stop!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRR

Lura said...

I can so relate to the food issues. I am going through the same thing right now...big time. I was thinking the same thing about the Word of Wisdom. I got this new book, you might be interested in it. It is called "Change Your Brain, Change Your Body". It's good stuff. Oh and I love your blog.

KandyLane Photography said...

Thank you ladies! Keshia...When is your birthday and what are we gonna do for it!?

Jessica said...

Yeah Lakers!!!!

Vanessa & Danny said...

We loved arrested development!! Great show. Wish it was still on!