Monday, August 23, 2010

Things I wanna do...

in no particular order....

1] Right now I have a big desire to witness the northern lights with my family and get it on camera! Hope that will happen when we go to Canada in December!

2] Stay in the Treetops Hotel in Kenya Africa with my family. Your room is high above the ground and they have different animal feeding times so you get to see all of the exotic animals out your balcony!

3] Go on a cruise pretty much anywhere at this point one with without

4] Photography in magazines (fashion/ photojournalistic)

5] A couple Cd's in stores (Christian music)

6] Couples mission for church with Andrew (anywhere Heavenly Father takes us)

7] Go on a Safari with family

8] Sky diving with Andrew

9] More books in stores

10] Go to Antelope Canyon, Az.

11] Visit Fiji (hopefully where our friend went on his mission)

12] Go to Ireland (the beautiful greeeeeeeeennnnn everywhere and castles and stuff!)

13] pretty much a lot of traveling....Visit somewhere in every continent even in Antarctica (Ice Hotel!)

14] Visit Temples all over the world

15] Go on a helicopter ride

16] Walk in as many places as Jesus walked (while on earth)

17] Own a lake house in the mountains...with boats, sea-doos and stuff

18] See the pyramids in Egypt

19] Cancun with my family

20] Send ANYONE in my family (parents, siblings, in-laws, etc.) on there dream vacation

21] have a paid off dream house....Dream house: master bedroom, room for each kids, kid play room, office, nice kitchen, studio (photography), beautiful 2 level backyard (top level with pool and big tree with treehouse, slides, swings from it) (bottom level with club house, garden, fruit trees)

22] have extra money to give whenever

23] Cadillac STS V

24] buy Andrew the motorcycle of his dreams

Im gonna have to get back to you on the rest.....I want to list 100!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

When dreams become realities....

Maybe Im being a little dramatic, but the recent flood in Northwest Pakistan leaves me feeling a little sick to my stomach. If you remember in my last blog post about my dream, I say...."I talked about it like it was Las Vegas though, saying that I needed to go Northeast to get to safety (we are Northwest Vegas right now)."

Then, to make things even more strange, I was looking up more information about the flood and found this picture which sent chills down my spine, because of this sentence..."we made a stop at this little place that was very populated. It was kind of in a valley surrounded in mountains with a bunch of little shops along the mountain side." This place below is located in northern Pakistan

I know that my dream was actually about Mexico...but this still freaks me out a little bit....