Monday, March 5, 2012

Workin in the yard!


I was so in love with the weather today! It was 75 degrees and gorgeous!! By 9:30 this morning I was outside working and hardly came inside until 4:30!!. Yesterday, someone from my ward in church who is very Vegas garden savy, came over to take a look at my yard & garden and he had so many pointers for me! My yard is ALL rock! Just small rock covering the entire thing! BLAH! So today, I was raking and shoveling rocks to make room for more creations, pulling weeds and placing stone in between my garden beds. I am feeling it already and I will be so sore tomorrow! But in my opinion, Id rather be sore from being outside in the yard then inside working out...thats just me!

Yesterday I did some work and all three of my boys were out working with me! It was so nice to just be outside spending time with them teaching them about gardening. I'm one of those crazies that truly believes at one point, we'll be needing to live off of our home garden so I wanna learn now. You never know what will happen with the economy and I wanna make sure I know what I'm doing when and if the time comes.

I needed to do some transplanting. One: because I am still learning what is good next to what. And two: to make room from my spring garden. I learned that for some reason, some herbs dont like growing around mint, but mint helps other veggies such as tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, cabbage and a few more so I decided to move my mint to a different box. My sister in law Amy told me a while back that mint is super invasive and will grow crazy roots....but I had NO idea they would be like this so soon! After only 5 months the root system was 2 feet long!!! This mint is so delicious smelling too! If anyone in my area needs any mint....please stop on by :-)

Las Vegas Garden

Yesterday in church, Jordans amazing sunbeams teacher gave a lesson to him and his class entitled "I am thankful for plants". She gave each of this little plastic containers with soil and a couple packets of seeds. So is so good with them!! Jordan was struggling with primary and having to leave me in general and the past 2 weeks he has done so good! This week, he just walk right in a waved bye to me!! It actually made me tear up! So anyway, when we got home, I made sure that he planted his seeds right away. He was so gental with his seeds and watered them so lovingly. We will show the growth soon!

Las Vegas Garden

Last week, I found a food grade 50 gallon drum on craigslist for $20. I've been wanting to build a compost tumbler for a while and that was the start! Andrew and I went over to Lowes and found all the extra things we needed to put it together and went home and finished building it! I forgot to take pictures of it during the day today, so I will take pictures today and hopefully give some measurements. All together we spent about $60 because we did everything stainless steal, but I think it'll be worth it and its still $50 cheaper than the cheapest at the store. Pics to come.....

The other thing I did with gardening today was create space for vines to grow up my wall. I have 3 column type things holding up the balcony in the backyard and eventually I want some sort of vines covering them. Any kind of plant life helps shade the house, keeps things cool and of course creates beauty and promotes birds and bees to help cross pollinate! I took thick fishing string up to my balcony, tied it to the top, and threw it down. Once I went back downstairs, I tied the string to some rebar that was conveniently sticking out of the ground at the base of the column. I repeated this 3 times going up in slightly different directions each time. This will give my vines something to grab on to when they first start growing! I love morning glories, but I'm also considering doing grapes so that they'll be beautiful and provide food! to come.

I was gonna go one about different things, but I think I'll close with gardening too! I am so thankful for what I have learned about this. I want to be able to share with others and maybe one day, I'll have a strickly gardening blog.

Thanks for reading!