Monday, June 1, 2009

Tony's 8th Birthday weekend

Wow! There is a lot to say in this one! Tony had quite the birthday this year. Tony started his day off with getting an award at school as Student of the Month!!! Yay Tony, we are sooooo proud of you. He is a lucky dog too cause his name also got picked out of a bag to eat pizza with the principle. How cool is that, second time this year!

Then just the 5 of us had some yummy banana splits to celebrate on his actual birthday. You will see in the pictures, Andrews idea of birthday candles. I love that man ;-)

Then on Saturday, we took him and a few of his friends to Lazerstar to have a little celebration. Its not cheap so we told him that he could have another sleep over with more friends in a couple weeks. They had so much fun!!!

Now the most special part of his birthday this year was his Baptism. Tony Turned 8 and recieved the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Aunt Shelsi sang "Teach me to walk in the light of his love" while Grandpa Ric played the guitar. It was amazing! Uncle Jamin and Grandma Esther gave absolutly BEAUTIFUL talks and all of our family and friends were there to make this day soooooo special for us. Thank you all!!!

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